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Who are we ?: The Ukrainian Bureau of National Development conducts its activities based on the tasks set out in Ukrainian Presidential Decree No. 837 of 11/08/2019 “Urgent actions concerning reform and state strengthening”.

We develop, adapt and carry out scientific, technical and economic feasibility studies for projects that are important for Ukraine with their subsequent presentation and implementation in government structures.

Why are we effective ?: We profess the principle of comprehensive analytics of the proposed projects in terms of: the accuracy of the data provided, the form for submitting the project, the scientific justification for the rationality of introducing an idea, the feasibility study of the project as a whole.

Today, hundreds and thousands of different ideas and projects are submitted to various ministries and departments of Ukraine. The problem is that in most cases the submitted ideas and projects do not have a form and content ready for submission to government institutions , and are also skeptical about the target ministries due to the lack of clear scientific justification and analytics that can be trusted.

This is what our Bureau does! We work with leading state scientific organizations and have extensive experience in preparing your projects for submission and promotion to state structures.

We also support projects that require investment for implementation, as we work with foreign investment companies and government organizations.

Our principles: We profess principles that are based on the most efficient and transparent work.

• We profess principles that are based on the most efficient and transparent work.
• Clear feasibility studies for each phase of the projects under consideration
• Support of state specialized organizations for the development and implementation of your projects
• Attention to details
• Understanding how the process should be formalized so that the project is considered in accordance with all the rules that work in government ministries and departments
• Preparation of your turnkey projects for submission to public authorities
• High-quality PR of your developed ideas and projects
• Teamwork - you, with your ideas and knowledge, can be the creators and participants of various government programs that the Bureau can take on.

We are already working in the development of the investment code of Ukraine, various infrastructure, energy, land and macro-economic projects.

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